Former senator Yusha,u Anka dies at 70


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau 

A two-time Senator from Zamfara West Senatorial zone, Alhaji Yusha,u Mohammed Anka is dead.
Aged 70, Senator Anka died in one of the hospitals in Abuja at about 1.20 am today following a heart problem.
Speaking to Punch, his brother, Ahaji Sani Anka said his funeral prayers would be conducted by 1 o’clock at the National mosques Abuja today
Born in April 1950,  Anka was in the Senate in June 1999 to May May 2007. 
He  was appointed as chairman, Senate committee on Ethics, Foreign Affairs, Police Affairs. 
He also served as the vice-chairman, Senate committee on Commerce, Internal Affairs and Government Affairs.
Anka who was elected as a senator under the platform of PDP in 1999 but after serving his first term in the Senate, he defected to the then opposition ANPP where he also served for one terms.

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