Zamfara NLC Chairman resigns his position


From Maiharaji Altine GusauThe Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress, Zamfara State Council, Comrade Bashir Muhammad Mafara has voluntarily resigned his position.
Comrade Mafara refused to disclose why he has relinquished his position.
He only said that, “My decision to resign is for the best interest of the labour movement in the state”.
He also called on workers to remain resolute in the struggle for their right and to ensure punctuality in the discharge of their responsibilities.
According to him, he made wider consultation about the resignation, noting that, he has duly communicated with the National Headquarters of the NLC and they have accepted the resignation.
There was serious debate by the Congress members during the meeting who wanted the Chairman to state reasons behind his resignation, but he insisted that, “it is for the best interest of the NLC”.
Comrade Sani Halliru Kurya, the NLC Treasurer and Chairman Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria was chosen by members of the State Council to occupy the position of the Chairman.
Similarly the Vice Chairman two, Comrade Sa’adu Gwaram was elected to the rank of Deputy Chairman, Comrade Babangida Umar Zurmi who was Auditor two is now the vice chairman two , while the NUT Chairman, Kabiru Yakubu Kaura is now the Auditor two.

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