Bandits kill 22 in Zamfara village


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Bandits have killed 22 people in Tungar Kwana village of Talata-mafara local government area of Zamfara state last night.

An indigene of the village, Malam Ahmed Mohammed  told Analyzer news that, the bandits numbering over 100 invaded the village around 11 pm last night where they began to shoot people at sight.

He stated that, “Twenty two people including children and women were killed instantly, while other people escaped to the forest.

Mohammed also said that, many people were wounded as a result of gunshots and were currently in hospital for treatment.
The bandits, according to him had also carted away with large number of animals.

“They took away several cows, sheep and goats as well as foodstuffs”. Said Mohammed.
He Maintained that the village has been deserted for fear of the return of the bandits who he said have been attacking the people of the village in the past.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the police command, SP Mohammed Shehu said “the police have confirmed the killing of 20 people in that village but not 22”.

Shehu explained that, the bandits were targeting the villagers because they ( villagers) gave useful information to the security agents which led to the killing of several bandits last week.

“The villagers told the security agents a useful information about some bandits who rustled cows last week and the information had assisted greatly in locating and killing many of them”.

“Since that time, the bandits were targeting the villagers in order to avenge the killing of their people”.

He said that, the police command had drafted its personnel in order to arrest those bandits and bring them to justice.

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