Two Zamfara judges abducted by bandits regain freedom


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau
The two Zamfara Sharia court judges, kidnapped by bandits about two months ago have been released after paying one million naira each.

The two judges, Salihu Abdullahi and Shafi,u Jangebe were abducted on their way back to Zamfara from Maradi in Niger Republic and were asked to pay N10m each, but the money was not available.
When the bandits realized that, the judges could not produce the amount after several days in captivity, they finally called their relations and asked them to bring whatever they could afford.

Speaking to Analyzer news today, a brother to one of the released judges, Malam Hassan Samaru said ” when the bandits realized that we could not meet their demand of N20m, they finally called us and told us to bring whatever we have”.

Hassan maintained that, “We paid two million for the two judges and they were released.

According to him, seven other people who were in captivity along with the two judges had also paid various sums of money and were released.

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