Insecurity: Gov Matawalle bans emirs, chiefs, LG chairmen from sleeping outside their domains


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

As the security situation continued to deteriorate in Zamfara state, Governor Bello Matawalle has banned all Emirs, chiefs and local government Sole Administrators from sleeping outside their domains.

The Governor gave the directive at the opening of a one day Security meeting with traditional rulers, the Council of Ulama and Heads of Security operatives in the state at the Government House Gusau yesterday. 

Matawalle said “Henceforth, no Emir, Chief or local government Sole Administrator is allowed to pass a night outside his domain”. 

“You must stay with your people at all times to address the problems of Security in your areas”.

Matawalle said it was therefore, prohibited for them to be spending their nights outside their areas unless on crucial official duty. 

He Maintained that the order would be observed for the next three months adding that, “anyone who violates the above orders will cost him his job’.

The Governor has also promised to deal decisively with those aiding and abetting insecurity in the state.

“As for those who aid and abet insecurity in the state, I say enough is enough”. 

“We shall return your wickedness and heartlessness with the wrath you will never envisage”.

He said that the state Government has been very lenient due to the nature of the delicate approach to negotiations and peace efforts with bandits in the state. 

He observed however that the leniency was being taken for granted by bad politicians who chose to compound the insecurity situations in the state.

According to him, “with the recent happenings in the state where scores of attacks are being carried out in some parts of the state, it is evident that the hands of bad politicians is in play as confirmed cases of deliberate misinformation was aided by some of them”.

He Maintained that his Government was doing all it could to maintain peace and order in the state, lamenting that “some people are obviously more exited when they hear of attacks by bandits”.

 “In their bid to portray our administration as a failure, they do not care how many lives of our brothers and sisters are wasted”.

“Left to me as a person, I will be contented with a one term in office if the price is to lose innocent lives of our people. No leadership is worth it when the price is the blood of the innocent”, the Governor noted. 

He however, said his administration was poised enough to tackle this rascality, calling on the people of the state to give him their maximum support.

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