APC Youths Rescue mission berates former Governor Yari for bad leadership qualities

Alhaji Bello Soja Bakyasuwa Maradun

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The APC National Youths Rescue mission has berated the leadership qualities of former Governor of Zamfara state, Alhaji Abdul Aziz Yari, and vowed to prevent him from occupying any position in the party in future.

 In a statement, the National President of the association, Honourable Bello Soja Bakyasuwa Maradun said “As the APC national convention is around the corner many candidates are aspiring for the party’s apex seat”. 

Bakyasuwa said the APC National Youth Rescue Mission would not allow former Governor Yari to occupy any sensitive position in the party again,  stressing that the party required a reputable leader with unquestionable integrity.

“This is why we will never seat back to allow conservatives who paraded themselves as progressive to take over the affairs of the party”. Said Bakyasuwa.

He expressed disgust over the recent endorsement of Yari by a group known as APC Aspirants Forum as the Suita Candidate’.

“We don’t need to mention that Abdulaziz Yari will in fact be a disaster and a destruction to the APC because of his track records of political destruction which all Nigerians witnessed in Zamfara state during the last General elections”.

“For us, Abdulaziz Yari is not a politician but an opportunist who wants to use the party to further his Agenda in Zamfara”. 

“We therefore stand on the side of the truth that the likes of Yari should never be given the opportunity to lead the APC”.

According to Bakyasuwa, the so called APC Aspirants Forum who endorsed Yari have an ulterior motive adding that “only God knows what transpired between them and Yari”. 

He stressed that the APC Youth rescue Mission is out to say no to this disastrous move.

“We are proud progressives and we shall do all it takes to drive conservatives away whose aim is to destroy the party. Said Bakyasuwa.

‘We have all witnessed how Yari’s selfish interest led the APC to failure in Zamfara state, we have all known about his corruption allegations and many other indices that completely disqualified him from even thinking of leading the APC at the National level”. Bakyasuwa asserted.

He concluded that, “As the National President of this great mission and a member of the APC Aspirants Forum, I wish to assure all APC members that we shall not allow the likes of Yari to lead our party to destruction, we shall remain committed to retirement of anyone who may like to pose a threat to our dear party”.

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