Zamfara Assembly set to protect people with disabilities


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Zamfara State House of Assembly will soon promulgate a law that will safeguard people with disability from all forms of discrimination as well as providing them with equal opportunity in all aspects of human endeavors.

This followed a House consideration on a private member bill in that respect sponsored by Hon Salihu Usman Zurmi (PDP) Zurmi East and seconded by Hon Nasiru Atiku Gora also (PDP) Maradun two which was read on the floor of the Hallow chamber Yesterday.

During deliberations members of the House expressed different opinions on the matter.

One of the promoted Officers decorated by the Speaker

Some members who included the Deputy House leader, Hon Nasiru Bello Lawal Bungudu and Hon Muhammad G. Ahmad Jangeru expressed their reservations on the matter, citing the caption of the bill as not explanatory.

Other members who included Hon Shamsudeen Hassan Basko, Talata Mafara, Hon Anas Sarkin Fada and Hon Nura Dahiru Sabon Birnin Dan Ali strongly objected the observations raised by their colleagues and called for a speedy passage of the bill.

Another decorated police officer

On his part, the Deputy Speaker, Hon Musa Bawa Musa Yankuzo called for a holistic approach on the bill.

After much debates and arguments, the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Nasiru Mu’azu Magarya put the matter to voice vote and majority of the House members agreed that the bill be passed to second reading and send it to House committee on women affairs and social development for scrutiny and submit report to the House within two weeks.

Earlier in yesterday’s plenary the House formally received annual audit report of Zamfara State for the year  2019 from the Auditor General of the state which is in fulfilment of the constitutional mandate of the House.
 After little deliberation on the matter, the House unanimously resolved to refer the audit report to the its committee on public accounts for scrutiny and submit report back to the floor of the chamber in the next two weeks to come.

Speaker Magarya decorating another promoted Officer

Before closing yesterday’s plenary Speaker Magarya rejoiced with Hon Shamsudeen Hassan Basko Talata Mafara for his confinement as certified chartered National  accountant (C.N,A.) 

While openly congratulated him, Speaker Magarya urged him to put his newly acquired knowledge to bear in his legislative responsibilities as member of the  finance and appropriation committee of the House.

 Also yesterday the Speaker decorated five officers and men of the Nigerian police force attached to him and his deputy that were recently promoted to different ranks of the force.

The Speaker in a group picture with the promoted police officers

Three officers namely sergeant Sani Muhammad Zurmi sergeant Shehu Hassan  and sergeant Abubakar Aliyu were promoted to the rank of inspector.
Others that got promotion in the rank and file category included corporal Tujjani Saidu to the rank of sergeant, while  Aliyu Umarwas also promoted to the rank corporal.

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