Bakura by election not a testing ground for Nigerian politics: Takori

Hon Mohd Sani Takori (mni)

Man in his journey to unknown destination may not think of the danger ahead and that will give him strength not to believe that any thing of fear is not within his contemplation.

That is the reason why some people believe that ignorance is peace. Wether it is true or not, certainly ignorance removes the fear of the unknown . 

A man who has never tested titanic power may have the ignorance that, the power is either rhetoric or  myth. But it is real a lion is believed to possess it. A lion may have denied access to his den but the name harbours over the sky and put fears in the mind of the lesser heros and keep them at sleepless nights.

While now that, the lion is visiting his den, the strategy to tame the lion remains a nightmare . As the first step to deny him access to his den has failed  and turned to be an advantage to him.  

His popularity increases day by day. That act  alone is admitting fear of the titanic power which he still possesses built right inside his soul.

This fear compelled them to resort to blackmail with tears to earn sympathy. The first tears was shade that his visit always brings insecurity in the state the second tears shaded was that he always meets with bandits when ever he visits his home town.

 As a man of peace, he accepts to keep away from his home town the only former Governor  that was given such treatment . Human memory is fading, they forgot what happened in 2011, it could have been a lesson for them. Now that the lion is on its way back to it’s den, fear is harbouring in the sky and breath by the nose . 

Every one is now possessed by this fear which led to symptoms of psychosis and mental degradation. 

Bakura is testing ground for future victory but a wake up call for the Victor and loser. You are welcome to your den.

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