Bakura by-election: APC alerts security agents of alleged PDP’s plans to rig

Zamfara APC chairman, Lawal M. Liman (Centre) during the Press conference

From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

The Zamfara state Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) said it has uncovered a plan by the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) to rig the forthcoming by-election for Bakura constituency slated to hold next Saturday.

Breifing newsmen in his office, the APC chairman Alhaji Lawal M. Liman said, the Peoples Democratic party has been  hatching various plans to distrupt and rig the election.

Liman said ” We discovered various plans by the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) to distrupt and rig the election after knowing fully that the people of Bakura constituency indicated their interest to vote for Hon. Bello Dankande Gamji of our great party, APC”.

He said, “We evidently have information with regards to inhuman tendencies, various ill-activities and evil directives given by the PDP led Government in order for them to forcefully change the decision of the people of Bakura through violence and election mal practice”.

Liman called on the security agents particularly the police to do the needful so as to alert possible break of law and order during the election.

“In view of the aforementioned, we wish to call on the commissioner of police to note that he will be held responsible for his inaction shall he scum to any unethical conduct or inclined to any party, as he is expected to remain apolitical”. Said Liman.

He stressed that, the APC has lodged complaint to the appropriate authorities on the several meetings held by some top goverment and PDP officials where they resolved to criminally of influence the security agents and INEC to connive in a planned electoral fraud on the election day.

He said, “PDP officials have planned to post themselves across the ten wards of Bakura local government to ensure the execution of their ill plans”.

The APC chairman also accused a top goverment official of hiring political thugs to distrupt the forthcoming by-election.

“We are also aware that, a top goverment official and PDP stalwart in the state was specifically saddled with the responsibility of recruiting and hiring thugs from the neighbouring states to cause havoc on the electorates”.

“The thugs, were first brought to Gusau sometimes last week and were later relocated to Funtua when the evil plans leaked out to public”.

Liman also mentioned that some serious armed thugs who were more than 1000 were currently being harboured by a top PDP stalwart and a very close ally of the State Governor.

According to Liman, PDP members had also destroyed many billboards and offices of the APC just in a bid to cause confusion in order to disrupt the peaceful conduct of the election.

The chairman maintained that, the APC supporters were currently being intimidated by the PDP members with the alleged support of the police command.

“We reported the intimidation and harassment to the police command but it is still reluctant in handling the situation”.

This is an evident that the state police commissioner is hostile to the APC members while always dancing to the tune of the PDP”. 

The chairman said, “now that the election is going to be conducted next Saturday, APC members will try as much as possible to remain law abiding but will not allow anybody to rig the election no matter his status”.

“As party of law-abiding citizens, we have taken measures to avoid political crises. This should not be misconstrued as naivety on our part but rather a a sense of responsibility”. Concluded Liman.

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