Yari has lost political relevance, says Rabi’u Garba


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Zamfara state’s Finance commissioner, Alhaji Rabi,u Garba said former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari has politically lost relevance and became history as far as Zamfara politics is concerned.

Addressing journalists in Gusau today, Rabi’u Garba stated that, the popularity of Yari was eroding by the day, citing an example with the recent state Assembly by-election where the PDP was leading with over 2000 votes despite the use of Federal might by the former Governor.
According to Rabi’u Garba, the former Governor employed all tactics including the use of the security, money and political thugs to win the Bakura by-election but was not able to do so because he was no more relevant.

“He has lost relevance politically and his star is diminishing by the day”. Said Rabi’u.

The commissioner expressed surprised to hear former Governor Yari, accusing PDP supporters of rigging through the use of money and security in Bakura by-election, explaining that, “It was the APC members who caused all the problems encountered on that fateful day.

According to him, APC supporters, under the leadership of former Governor Yari employed political thugs both within and outside the state who were engaged in ballot box snatching, creating chaos and displaying all sorts of thuggery at some poling units where they had no votes.
He also said, the APC candidate, Alhaji Bello Dankande Gamji had distributed six trailer- loads of wrappers and brocades to voters few days to the election.

He  therefore called on the former Governor to stop crying foul where there was none.

On the issue of the forthcoming re-run election, Rabi’u Garba said the PDP was ever ready to go back to the poll, expressing the hope that his party would emerge victorious.

He called on Yari to drop the idea of opting out of the contest for alleged Insecurity, concluding that’ “Yari must contest the election otherwise he accepted the defeat”.

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