Zamfara govt budgets N145.4 billion for 2021 fiscal year


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The sum of N145. 4 billion was budgeted by Zamfara state Government for 2021 fiscal year.

Presenting the budget before the state House of Assembly members today, Governor Bello Matawalle said the sum of N64,3 billion was  earmarked for recurrent expenditure and the sum of N81,04 billion was dedicated to capital expenditure.

He  said , economic empowerment has the highest budgetary allocation of N32,01 billion, representing 49.5% of the capital estimate.

According to him the economic empowerment would be effected through agriculture; public finance and fiscal management; private sector growth and development; road and transport general; water resources; and housing and urban development.  On the social sectoe, the Governor said his administration will accord top priority to education, health, information, youth, women and children, environment, Local Government and community development.

“These are fundamental aspects that have direct impacts on the lives of our people and therefore deserve to receive serious attention”. 
“On this note, the sum of N19,102 billion is earmarked for the sector. This represents 23.6% of the total capital estimate”. 

Governor Matawalle also promised to pay greater attention to the Administration sector which he said has been neglected over the years.

For this reason N28,27 billion, representing 34.9% of the capital estimate was allocated to Administration sector.

“It is annoying to note that 25 years of the creation of zamfara State, the Government is still battling with the problems of office and residential accommodation”. 
“So many MDAs are accommodated in rented houses. When we came on board, our available lodges and offices are not befitting and conducive accommodation for work’. 

“Alhamdulillah we have started making progress in that area. Our lodges and liaison offices in Abuja and Kaduna are fully reconstructed and upgraded”.

“Our Government House is also renovated and upgraded, and new 18 executive chalets have been constructed in the Government House. Our newly renovated State House of Assembly is now a place of pride to all the citizens of Zamfara State”.

“Our attention is now on the J. B. Yakubu Secretariat, the major Secretariat of the State. The renovation is now on-going. Specifically, the Multi-purpose Hall of the Secretariatis now wearing a new look which will make it an ultra-modern one for State, the nation and even for international conferences”.  Said Matawalle.

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