Neglecting traditional institutions, responsible for insecurity in northern Nigeria– Anka Emir

Emir of Anka Alhaji Attahiru Mohammed Ahmad speaking during the workshop

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Emir of Anka in Zamfara state, Alhaji Attahiru Mohammed Ahmad said the insecurity problem being experienced in the north was as a result of total neglect of the traditional institutions by the government.

The Emir who was speaking during a sensitisation workshop organised by an NGO called ‘Pastoral Resolve’ said, “Traditional rulers in the country have been relegated to the background”.

“We are completely neglected by the government and that is why we lost our position as leaders and fathers of our people”.

According to the Emir, traditional rulers who were closed to the people were not involved in the administrative issues such as the fight against insurgency and banditry and that was why the problems have defied solution.

He Maintained that, as leaders who were very close to their subjects, traditional rulers were supposed to be given constitutional responsibility not just ceremonial leaders.

“If the government is really serious on the fight against insurgency and banditry, traditional rulers must be given their rightful position”. 

“We are very closed to our people, we know the people that are fermenting trouble in our areas and we can address Insecurity and other criminal activities if given our rightful position”. Concluded the Emir.

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