By Zailani Bappa. 

    Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle is an iconic game changer. Wherever he surfaces, the tides change for the better. Rarely do you find leaders with positive traits at all times. And when you do, their position is often an unenviable one. Envy is a disease. In the case of such leaders as Matawalle, they are often tormented by the envy of others. Worst of it, the envy of their peers which is much more harmful than the envy of followers.

    When your peer envies you, it is disastrous for many reasons. It prevents the tormentor from performing his duties to his people efficiently because he compromises excellence and service in lieu of bringing someone down.

    It also sets the followership of the tormentor against the peer which breeds conflict among and between the followership of both. In such case, service delivery is compromised and conflict and acrimony takes the lead.

    Matawalle has been a success all his life because God has spared him from envy. In place of it, the Almighty has given him the vision and the sight to see what needs to be seen and act what needs to be acted upon positively. Events since he assumed office as Governor of Zamfara State have proven this position beyond doubt.

    At first, he encountered the envy of of a loser despot. He still does. The despot and his team led Zamfara state into unparalleled record of disaster for eight years. They tried to illegally manipulate their Party primary elections to plant lackeys who were to go on with the unmindful crush on the lives and dignity of the people. Thinking they won the battle, God used the might foot of Justice to kick them out in a very hard way. And he brought Matawalle and his entire team to replace them And they went on to challenge God whom they are challenging to date.

    Then, as Natawalle governs the people, he faced the envy of those who fail to deliver the dividends of democracy to their people. If they failed to do that, “how should this boy come and do it?” Well, he’s doing it because God is using him to do it, not for Zamfara alone, but for Nigeria. Remember, the ballots counted did not bring him to power as rightfully claimed by his opponents. This is true, going by  official records. But he is in power by the WILL of God. He’s accomplishing a certain promise God has made to the people, which he is implementing. 

    The envy will no doubt, persist. The machinations will certainly not stop. But the rising star of Matawalle will nonetheless, continue to soar. His golden hands of midas torch will continue to sweep the land, from Zamfara to its attached neighbours and even beyond. By His grace, the chapter opened will conclude as scripted by the mighty golden pen.

    Bappa writes from Gusau.

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