Gov Matawalle Blames Opposition For Security Breach In Zamfara

Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle during a critical security stakeholders meeting

From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Governor Matawalle of Zamfara state has expressed surprise on how the bandits always attack and kill people whenever he travels out of the state.

Speaking during a critical security meeting with traditional rulers, security personnel and the Religious leaders at Government House, Governor Matawalle said “I am surprise that any time I am not in the state, the bandits would be attacking and killing people”.

“I wonder what is happening, but I am not surprised because I know that there are some politicians who are always happy to hear that some people are killed in Zamfara”.

Some of the traditional rulers during the meeting

“Let me send a strong warning to them, that as from today, I will take a very drastic action against those politicians who are sabotaging our security efforts”.

Matawalle  Maintained that, he has done everything within his powers to end banditry through dialogue, lamenting however that, “Many people were against his peace process.

“I have done what is expected of me as a Governor, I spent much of money on security and yet there is no desired result”.

He stated that, he decided to use dialogue to end banditry as according to him, all other measures adopted by other Governors didn’t yield any good results.

Some Islamic Scholars during the meeting

“If I know that, the security agents can effectively control the banditry in the state, I will not dialogue with the bandits”. Said Matawalle.
He also chided the communities for not doing what was expected of them towards ending banditry, particularly the traditional rulers who were closed to the people.

“People are not doing what they are supposed to do in the fight against banditry. The issue of informants is enough evidence to prove that”. Said Matawalle.

He expressed disgust over the lukewarm attitude of the communities to expose the informants in their midst, lamenting that, “There is no way we can end banditry if the informants are not fished out and be dealt with”.

He therefore charged the traditional rulers to make sure that, the activities of the informants as well as the Yansakai have been halted so as to allow peace to reign in the state.

He also vowed to hold traditional rulers responsible for any breach of peace caused by either the informants or the Yansakai.

He directed the commissioner of police to immediately summon both the Emir of Maradun, Alhaji Garba Tambari and the Sarkin Arewan Maradun, Alhaji Bala to explain how the two Fulani herdsmen were slaughtered by the Yansakai yesterday.

At the end of the meeting, all the stakeholders have agreed that, the peace process embarked upon by the Governor should continue.

The commissioner of police, who spoke at the occasion told the participants of the meeting that, since they have agreed that, the government should continue with the peace process, it was now a collective responsibility to make sure that it has succeeded.

“Since we all agreed with the dialogue, we must work extra hard to achieve desired results”.

“All of us will be held responsible for the success or otherwise of the peace process. We shall not blame the government or the security agents for any lapses.

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