Vehicles To Bandits: Wicked, Irresponsible Accusation -Shinkafi

As Army Refutes Claims


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Gov Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state, addressing critical security stakeholders meeting at Govt House, Gusau

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Chairman, Patriots for the Advancement Of Peace and Social Development (PAPS), Alhaji Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi has described the allegation by the Sahara Reporters that the Zamafara State Governor Bello Matawalle is supplying Hilux vehicles to bandits as wicked, malicious and irresponsible journalism.

Shinkafi was reacting to a news report, published by an online newspaper, ( Sahara Reporters) that, Governor Bello Matawalle was supplying Hilux vehicles and money to bandits.

Shinkafi stated that, the story was not only untrue, but was baseless, unfounded and a calculated attempt to smear the good image of Governor Bello Matawalle.

He stated that at the time of fragile peace in the country Sahara Reporters should not be seen feeding the public with stories that are not only fake but outright falsehood.

Specifically Sahara Reporters had in a recent story had alleged that Governor Matawalle is aiding the bandits by donating Hilux vehicles to them Shinkafi described the report as reckless and irresponsible coming from a news medium like Sahara Reporters.

But the PAPS Chairman described the report as baseless and politically motivated to incite the people of Zamfara State against the Matawalle led government. 

Shinkafi pointed out that “the Sahara Reporters is being used by the enemies of Zamfara State to fan the embers of war. The report is aimed at derailing the efforts of the Governor to destabilize and dismantle the bandits who have held the state hostage for the past eight years of the previous administration in the state.

According to him “a medium such as Sahara Reporters should be doing more of constructive journalism and not destructive journalism which the nation does not need at this stage when violence is taking place on a daily basis in the country.

On the allegation credited to the former Local Government Chairman Ahmad Maradun Shinkanfi accused him  of inciting members of the public against the Governor Bello matawalle and his govt out of anger and frustration over his sack by the Zamfara State House of Assembly  for allegation for  misappropriation of the Maradun Local govt funds, abuse of office , aiding and abetting armed banditry.

Shinkafi noted that Maradun is just being a bad loser who is unable to come to terms with the fact that he has lost his plum position due to his own greed and he thinks that the only way he can remain relevant is to attack the Matawalle led government and court cheap popularity.

Specifically, Maradun, had alleged that Matawalle given the bandits Hilux vehicles, which they used to attack innocent residents. 

According to him, the hoodlums who killed 10 people in Janbako community used two of the vehicles.

“They went to that village in two of the Hilux vehicles given to them by the Zamfara State Government. One of the vehicles broke down and was abandoned by the bandits. These bandits have been using the vehicles to kidnap, kill and rape innocent people and the press has been silent,” he added.

He stressed that the bandits also killed three soldiers, including a major, adding that the attack was not reported.

However, Shinkafi described the allegations as malicious, wicked and irresponsible adding that no sensitive government will aid terrorists to attack, kidnap or kill its citizens.

He described Maradun’s allegations as unpatriotic and accused him of being committed to disrupt the good policies and programs of the governor, most especially the ongoing peace and reconciliation process initiated by the governor early last year.

Shinkafi called on the Inspector-General Of Police (IGP) the Director-General Of the State Security Services to investigate and possibly arrest and prosecute Maradun for public incitement,fake news and inflamatory statement  attempts to breach the fragile peace that had been restored to Zamfara State by the Governor Matawalle led administration in the past eighteen months.

Shinkafi gave Sahara Reporters and Maradun a 14 days ultimatum wishing which to retract the malicious statement and publicly apologize in five national newspapers of face court action for breach of peace and circulation of fake news.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army has refuted the claims that Governor Matawalle has been supplying Hilux Vehicles to aid the bandits.

Speaking during a critical security stakeholders meeting yesterday, the Brigade Commander, One Brigade of the Nigeria Army Gusau, Brigadier-General Musiliu Bello said the story was not true, adding that, he was not aware of any vehicle given to bandits.

General Bello said all he knew was that, the state government under the administration of Governor Bello Matawalle had purchased and distributed the Hilux vehicles to security agencies working in the state to assist them in the discharge of their responsibilities.

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