Zamfara Govt Distributes Medical Equipment to Improve Health Care Delivery

Gov Matawalle of Zamfara state

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Zamfara state Government has reaffirmed its commitment to provide health care services to the people of the state aimed at improving their health condition.

The commissioner of health Alhaji Yahaya Mohammed Kanoma made the declaration during the distribution exercise of medical equipment purchased by the state government.

Alhaji Yahaya said, considering the poor working condition in most of the hospitals in the state, the state Government has procured and distributed medical equipment worth millions of Naira.

Some of the equipment distributed

According to him, medical equipment purchased and distributed by the state government were of urgent importance and were lacking to most of the hospitals in the state.

He said that, the equipment were over 200 of different types, expressing optimism that, “if property managed by the medical personal, the health condition of the people of the state would be improved within the shortest possible time. 

Some of the equipment according to him included, paediatric beds and mattresses, Ward screens, evacuation kits, screw stainless,wheel chairs, Ward beds and bedsheets.

Alhaji Yahaya Mohammed Kanoma (left) explaining how the equipment should be handled

Others were, drop stands, antishock garmets, sterilizers, water baths, standiometer, autoclave machines, centrifuge-harmacrik and vacuum extractors.

The rest were, surgical draper, solar refrigerators, kidney dishes, Metal jugs, red pan, microscope lenses and hematocrit capillaries.

The commissioner stated that, considering the delapidated nature of most of the hospitals in the state, the state government, under the administration of Governor Bello Matawalle found it necessary to purchase the medical equipment in order to uplift the health condition of the people of the state.

He Maintained that, the purpose of purchasing the equipment was to improve the quality service in the hospitals because most of the hospitals were offering skeletal service

He called on the Medical Directors of various hospitals in the state to take proper care of the equipment and also use them judiciously.

Alhaji Yahaya Kanoma explaining how the equipment should be handled.

He Maintained that, the state government would not allow the equipment to be either stolen or misused, warning that drastic action would be taken against anybody found wanting.

He warned that, anybody who diverted the equipment into his personal use would not only be punished but would be arrested and handed over to the security for appropriate action.

“Don’t personalise the equipment, don’t take them to your own private business, we will not allow that to happen”. 

“We will be going round to monitor how you are using the equipment and if we detect any irregularities, we will not hesitate to take drastic action against the defaulters”. Said Yahaya.

He also appealed to the people of the state to patronize the hospitals whenever they were sick, as according to him, there were enough medical equipment readily available for the treatment of patients.

Alhaji Yahaya Kanoma, showing another important equipment purchased by the government. By left is the chairman, HSMB Alhaji Mustafa Mohammed Anka

In his response, the Medical Director in charge of Tsafe General Hospital, Dr. Sani Abdullahi Wanzammai who spoke on behalf of other Medical Directors thanked the state government for distributing the items.

Dr. Wanzammai assured the commissioner that, the equipment would be judiciously used in order to achieve the desired results of providing qualitative health care delivery in the state.

He assured that, they would be judiciously used.

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