CONGRATS! Danmasanin Rafin Zuru

Alhaji Abdullahi Idris Zuru, New Danmasanin Rafin Zuru

On behalf The Analyzer News, I Maiharaji Altine Salah wish to congratulate my Colleague and Friend, Alhaji ABDULLAHI IDRIS ZURU General Manager, Labana Rice Ltd for the title of Danmasanin Rafin Zuru conferred on him by the District Head of Rafin Zuru in Kebbi state,  Alhaji Hamza Muhammadu Na-Gwandu ll.

District head of Rafin Zuru, Alhaji Hamza Muhammadu Na-Gwandu 11

I also want to thank the District Head of Rafin Zuru, Alhaji Hamza Muhammadu Na-Gwandu ll, for the recognition and honour done to the committed, hardworking and intelligent personality in the person of Alhaji Abdullahi Zuru. 

Congratulations once again Danmasani

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