Alhaji Zailani Baffa, SA Media, Publicity and Communications to Gov Matawalle

By Zailani Bappa

When Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) came up with the peace initiative in Zamfara to end banditry and associated crimes in the state, many pessimists in the zone kicked against it and even went ahead to jeopardise it.

In fact, even some of his coloegues publicly kicked against it and spoke negatively about it and insisted in not touching it with a long stick.

In any case, it worked in Zamfara state. It worked, not because of its concept alone, but because of the sincerity, resilience and committment to agreements reached in the process. Today, even with the many spanners thrown into the works by enemies of peace, the process is still on without blemish.

The situation however, demanded for a review of the whole process which birthed the “carrot and stick approach” presently operational in the dtate. 

As the saying goes, truth is sacred. One who stands by the truth will be vindicated by the truth. Only last week, the renowned Kaduna based Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud Gumi embarked on a peace mission which he said is a “carrot” approach to peace in Kaduna state.

Significantly he says, the state Government endorsed it! Simultaneosly, other states in the zone are secretly admiring it and hoping to also cash on it. The known vocalists against Matawalle’s peace process are mute on this too….a sign of endorsement.

The cat has been let out of the bag by Sheikh Gumi at this hour. Those who initially kicked against Matawalle’s peace process were hypocrites and motivated by ulterior reasons inimical to humanity.

Sheikh Gumi has done mothing in the past one week but to further endorse and take the Matawalle initiative to a new height on the platform of religious pulpit.

It should be very clear that the peace process currently working in Zamfara state is the only truth at hand and the only workable solution to the advancing banditry menace in the state and the region which, happily, its antagonists are now grudgingly and covertly seeking to imbibe.

Zailani Baffa is the Special Adviser, Media Publicity and Communications to Governor Bello Matawalle Matawalle

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