BANDITRY: Zamfara Continues With Dialogue As Best Option


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Zamfara state Government said it would continue to dialogue with the bandits as a means of ending banditry in the state.

Addressing journalists after the state’s Executive Council meeting today, the Secretary to the state government, Alhaji Bala Bello Maru said, “The council has met today and agreed that, dialogue should continue”.

Alhaji Bala said, considering the achievements so far recorded in terms of security as a result of the peace accord embarked upon by the state government, it became imperative to continue with the process.

The SSG, Alhaji Bala Bello Maru (Centre) during the press conference

He stated that, many bandits have repented, while several people have been rescued as a result of the reconciliation, citing an example with the Kankara students who were kidnapped and released.

He however maintained that, the state government would also continue with the kinetic and non-kinetic approach in dealing with recalcitrant bandits who refused to embrace peace.

“The state government will use force where necessary to deal with the recalcitrant bandits so much so that the peace will continue to reign in the state”.

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