Our People Are Underrepresented At The National Assembly—– Prof Kabiru Jabaka

Professor Kabiru Umar Jabaka, Executive Chairman, Zamfara state Zakat and Endowment Fund

Professor Kabiru Umar Jabaka is an experienced personality who has been tried and tested in many ways particularly on the issue of honesty, dedication to duty, openness and love for the progress of his people and his state. In an interview with journalists in his office including Maiharaji Altine of the Analyzer news, Professor Kabiru Umar expressed gratitude to Allah for enabling him to fulfill all his dreams.

Based on his starling qualities, many people particularly from Zamfara Central Senatorial Zone have been calling on him to come out and contest for a Senator: Excerpt:-

Question: Sir, Your postures and stickers have invaded the entire state. What is the secret behind this?

Answer: I am very much aware that some people are going round with my posters and stickers. It become a public issue and it is no longer news.

Question : How did this come about?

Answer: As so many of you know, I didn’t initiate this. It was initiated by some groups of youths who are both males and females.
Some of them were my students in the past. Some were my colleagues whom we work together at some levels, interacted at different levels.
I don’t know how they assessed me but they said they felt that I should contest for a Senator for Zamfara Central.

They have been doing this all over the state. They did so many things like posters and other campaign stickers. In fact, they sponsored many things.
I was once invited by some of our traditional rulers who intervened and wanted me to accept the calls. I went there and the traditional rulers told me that they really need me to be there.

Question: What is your reaction now that some people want you to partake in politics?

Answer: Well, I am very much grateful to God and appreciative to all that have reposed this kind of trust in me and I pray to Allah that I will not disappoint them since they need me to become a Senator.

What I am after at this level because I can say that I have achieved so many things in life. I have fulfilled alot of my dreams in life. So what is principally before me now is what legacy l will live behind. So if the people invite meet for such position, I am ever ready to serve them.

Question: Under which Party are you going to contest?

Answer: I already have my party, that is the PDP. I had a lot of these questions. Many people asked me and I used to tell them that Matawalle is in PDP, so I am also in PDP.

I have my registration with my ward and my local government as a full pledged member of the PDP. 

What changes are the people of your constituency going to witness if you happen to be elected as a Senator?

Answer: If given the chance, to be a Senator, I will do so many things. But I think I will comment on broad term. I mean I will not go into details now.
So essentially, as a law maker, representing your people, you are expected to fully represent them. Our people are underrepresented. I mean many of our representatives are not doing what they are supposed to do at the chamber. If you talk of representation, looking at the chamber you can say we have no representation.

So if elected, I want to bring sanity. I also want to influence other members to be dedicated to what they are supposed to do. So these are broadly speaking the changes I want to bring.

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