The long bickering APC factions of the former Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state and that of former Zamfara central Senator, Kabiru Garba Marafa, on Monday, February 1st 2021, announced their resolved to reconcile their political differences with each other.

To many supporters of the party, it is a welcome development, especially considering the desperate desires and efforts of the two factional leaders of the APC to take over the mantle of leadership of Zamfara state comes 2023.

However, to many of us, the members of the party, who have been fighting ourselves in our desire to better Zamfara state for all citizens to live in peace and harmony, with adequate security and safety of lives and property of our people, we are highly disappointed and unfairly treated.
The decision is an indication that the two factional leaders have no iota of concern for the welfare and wellbeing of their members and supporters.

This is more so, when the two factional leaders have not consulted most of us who have stake in the affairs of the party in the state.

I am deeply saddened by the fact that a prominent member of the party who had spent huge sums of money, time and energy, to restore the lost glory of the party, Late Jamilu Ibrahim Shinkafi lost his live, but none of the factional leaders, Abdulaziz Yari or Kabiru Marafa cared to show remorse or sympathy for the family of the deceased for this great irreparable loss.

I expected both the factional leaders of the party to be present at the burial of the deceased in Shinkafi, but to my utmost dismay, neither Abdulaziz Yari who scheduled the burial time at 2 pm, nor Kabiru Marafa attended the burial. Instead, the duo factional leaders were both busy holding meetings on how to take over power in Zamfara state comes 2023, as if both know or are sure of existing up to the time of the election.

This inhuman behaviour of the two leaders have clearly demonstrated that they are not for the masses or those they want to rule, but their personal selfish interests and desires.

For these reasons and for the fact that I am not in politics for my selfish desires and interests, but in the interest of my community, state and nation, and as chief security officer of the APC, I Col Yandoto rtd, lost confidence in the party. Hence, I have now decided to join the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to support the efforts of Gov Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun in tackling armed banditry and other associated crimes in my state.

Tackling the security challenges bedivelling Zamfara state, which has been the interest and focus of the present government of Gov Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun is what the people of Zamfara state are looking for, not intricacies of how to take over a government that is up and doing in providing adequate security for the people.

Finally, I wish to advise Yari to be careful of Marafa and all those who claimed to have reconciled as they are going to destroy him and the party again.


Rabiu Garba Lawal Yandoto, Col. rtd.

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