Use War Resources To Address Fulani Problems, Instead of Fighting Them— Gummi Urges FG


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

A Kaduna based Islamic Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Mahmud Gummi has lamented the Federal government’s use of force and continued spending of billions in fighting what he called a typical insurgency in the country.

Gummi who spoke in continuation of his five-day visit to bandits’ and Fulani settlements in Zamfara state said, “Such billions would be more than enough if judiciously used to address all the demands of the armed Fulanis including providing them with basic amenities, training them and providing them with the needed capitals”.

Sheikh Dr Ahmad Mahmud Gummi offering prayers at the Gusau Emir’s palace

According to Gummi, most of the Fulanis have lost all their possessions as a result of cattle rustling and instances of extortion by some corrupt security agents. 

At the forest near Daki Takwas, Sheikh Gumi toured the bush and as usual addressed the Fulanis calling on them to lay down their arms and avoid spellings of blood.

 He also assured them that Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle was sincerely committed and would address their grievances as he has started.

The publisher, Desert Herald Newspaper, Alhaji Tukur Mamu during the visit at Gusau Emir’s palace

Gummi also promised that he would do everything within his powers to convey the their concerns and demands to President Muhammadu Buhari. 

He also told them that he would be in constant touch with the Zamfara state government to ensure there was no breach of the agreement from either sides. 

Before embarking into his tour to the forest near Daki Takwas, Sheikh Gummi and his team had paid a homage to the Emir of Gusau, His Royal Highness Alhaji Ibrahim Bello at his palace in the state capital. 

Sheikh Ahmad Mahmud Gummi ( Centre) in a group picture with the Gusau Emir, Alhaji Ibrahim Bello, while by his left is Alhaji Tukur Mamu

The respected Emir could not hide his happiness for Sheikh Gumi’s visit as he personally waited at the main entrance of the palace to receive the Islamic scholar. 

Gumi had told the Emir the purpose of his visit to the state and thanked him for his continuous efforts to reduce the tension between the people of his community and the bandits. 

He also told Emir Ibrahim Bello some of the grievances of the armed Fulanis which includes periodic attacks on them whenever they entered towns and cities or visited the markets.

He urged him to continue the good efforts of enlightening his subjects about the need to maintain and respect the truce between the government of Zamfara and the bandits pending when the federal government comes in with a permanent solution. 

While thanking Sheikh Gumi for the visit, HRH Ibrahim Bello said the state was proud to have him as their illustrious son championing the difficult and dangerous mission of reaching out to the armed Fulanis. 

Emir Bello said the resounding success Sheikh Gumi continued to record in every settlement he visited was a clear testimony of the goodwill and respect he enjoys not only from the society but from the armed bandits that are very difficult to deal with. 

He urged the cleric to sustain the mission, assuring Sheikh Gumi of the support of his emirate.

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