Alhaji Zailani Baffa, SA Communications Media and Publicity to Governor Matawalle

    Governor Bello Mohammed arrived the Yola International Airport on that fair-weather day of Tuesday the 9th of February,2021, on a special and official invitation by his colleague, the Adamawa State Governor, Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to support and give credence to his achievements in the delivery of democracy dividends.
    Governor Matawalle, in company of Senator Lawal Daniya, his Deputy Chief of Staff, the Caretaker Chairman of Maru Local Government area, his Special Adviser on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications, his Director- General in the Office of the Executive Governor and his Principal Private Secretary touched  the Airport terminal that late afternoon to be warmly received by officials of the Adamawa State Government.
    In the olden tradition of receiving important dignitaries by an exited community, Governor Bello Mohammed was first received by a kindergarten holding a calabash symbolizing the popular and known home of Fulani Yoghurt in Nigeria, incidentally, a popular Zamfara main course lunch and sometimes a general delicacy.
    Governor Ahmadu Fintiri received his august visitor in a warm, friendly and overwhelming joy and proceeded to the state House where everyone was formally introduced, normal greetings and pleasantries transpired and the guests were lodged to freshen up and brace up for the business at hand.
    It was on Wednesday, the 10th of February that the whole team of Governor Bello Mohammed and the team of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri gathered at about 8 am to proceed to the venue of the event. It was an event organized to allow Governor Bello Mohammed, specially chosen to commission one of the aspects of developmental projects executed by the Adamawa State Governor in the past one year. It was the construction of 361 km rural roads in 21 local Government areas of the state.
    As the convoy alighted on the streets, it was a thunderous ovation from the public who lined up the major streets of Jimeta, electorates and their wards lined up along the street in the old time fashion, (the Sardauna time) cheering their heroes of democracy. It is only the shout of ‘Matawalle Dodo!’ and ‘Fintiri the Fresh Air’ that thundered in the horizon. Every village the convoy passed was agog with exited citizens, from Girei, to Gombi, to Song to Hong until the convoy reached Kavu-Gaya where the journey of three hours by road would climax and the event would finally take place.
    At the venue, festive youth and children received the duo Governors as singers ‘surrounded’ the air with various melodies, especially that of special recognition of Governor Matawalle in their midst and as Governor they so much respect for his approach to peace and justice. That is what they all said.
    Governor Matawalle enjoined them to continue their support for justice, peace and fair play in politics and democracy. He commissioned the projects at hand and commended Governor Fintiri for his resilience and uprightness in the pursuit of good governance. The event ended a total success. On the way back to Yola, the convoy of the respectable and respectful Governors stopped on their track in Hong to pay a special visit to an elder, General Hananiya, and wish him better health and wisdom to continue with his current role as a father snd an adviser to younger leaders of our time.

    This visit by Governor Matawalle to Adamawa state has further endorsed the parlance of our campaign of Matawalle being the most sought for astute politician of our time and a hero of modern democracy, not only in Zamfara state but across the nation’s political horizon.

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