Resign Now, Security Expert Tells FRSC Boss


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

A Security expert in zamfara State Honourable Bello Soja Bakyasuwa Maradun has called on the FRSC Boss Corp Marshal Boboye O. Oyeyemi to concider tendering his resignation letter having stayed in service longer than necessary.

Hon. Soja in a press statement said instead of looking at three months exptention of the IGP, “we need to start questioning the motive behind those who stays in service longer than necessary.”

Hon Soja believed Baboye should have been retired long before now. “The FRSC is currently headed by Boboye O. Oyeyemi, MFR, mni, whose title of Corps Marshal is the highest rank in the Corps ranking system.

This is a man that should have retired long ago to pave way for other officers to grow but instead is still stting in an office that neither belongs to his ancestral home no tribal clan but Nigerians.”

If at all we are to be realistic to ourselves and to the nation’s military and paramilitary agencies, then we should stop looking at IGP’s three months extension. He added.

Any time I looked at Baboye’s mate as the prison and Immigration services who have since been retired, I tend to wonder what corp Marshall Baboye is still waiting for? 

Hon Soja added that it doesn’t make any sense for him having raised from security background to see such unprofessional things happening and then continue to be silence.

He believed that in the interest of national progress, Corp Marshall Baboye needed to quietly resign and leave office for those fine officers behind to take over, “after all there is nothing to write home about his performances for all this while”.

“Federal Road Safety corp has been reduced to nothing compared to other agencies across the country”.

“No meaningful progress is achieved under Baboye, his ideas of road safety measures are not necessarily ideas but bezares that are dangerously incoherent to securing our roads safety.

Bakyasuwa said that Several accidents were still being recorded across the country due to failure of the Corps Marshall to create adequate awareness on road safety precautions.

“Instead, his men are seen withing the townhips arresting motorists without seat belt instead of bringing in innovative ideas and technologies that can improve our roads safety metwork across the country.”

He stressed that, it was high time to re-think the attitude of remaining in public office particularly among those who performed below expectations.

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