Kagara Abduction: Zamfara Bandits Leader Dogo Gide Assures to Set Abductees Free Soon


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

The Zamfara bandits leader, Dogo Gide who controls the southern part of Zamfara forest, has assured that, the kidnapped teachers and students of Government Science College Kagara in Niger state would soon be released.

Dogo Gide made the promise when he met with the officials of the Niger State Government under the intervention of a prominent Islamic Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Mahmud Gummi in Dutsin Magaji of Kotonkoro forest yesterday.

Gide said, although the abductees were not in his camp, he would negotiate with his fellow bandits to hasten their release.

He promised that, all the abducted persons, whether they were kidnapped by bandits in Zamfara state or any other neighbouring states of Niger, Kebbi and Kaduna would be released soon.

Dogo Gide explained that, the Fulani were under pressure from all angles, that was why most of them have been left with no option but to carry arms and also engage into banditry activities.

He specifically mentioned the persistent attacks and killings of the Fulanis by the vigilante groups and Yansakai followed by the bombardments of their camps by the Military.

Dogo Gide however assured that with the intervention of Dr Ahmad Gummi, they would ensure the release of the abducted persons.

 He also promised to accept the peace process being preached by Sheikh Gummi provided that the Governors were really serious on the issue.

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