Schoolgirls Abduction:
APC Faults Gov Matawalle’s Peace Accord, Charges Him To Act Fast, Instead Of Lip Service


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State

The Zamfara State’s chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has faulted the peace process of the state government following the rampant cases of banditry in the state despite peace accord initiated by Governor Matawalle.

In a statement, the state APC Caretaker Committee chairman, Honourable Lawal M. Imam said, “It is no longer news that despite the “Peace Accord” of the PDP led  Government in Zamfara State these armed bandits, have continued lunching fatal attacks and Kidnapping for ransom”.

“They have been engaged in maiming, raping, arson and other atrocities against the peace loving populace of the state,  and the situation is on the increase in almost every part of our dear State”. 

The APC also advised Governor Matawalle to stop paying lip service about the security situation in the state, calling on him to tell the world the real situation in the state so that, the state could be assisted to fight banditry.

 “There is no point to be paying lip service by the State Government about the true security situation of the State while the citizens are silently groaning with guttural sounds under the shackles of armed bandits who have found Zamfara State as a “Safe Haven” courtesy of the State Government’s so called “Peace accord” with them”.

“It is pertinent for us at this critical time to draw the attention of The PDP led Zamfara State Government to the fact that the issue of security of lives and property of the citizenry is beyond politics and rhetorics so it should be treated as such”. 

According the statement, the security was the primary responsibility of any responsible government, therefore it shouldn’t be towed or treated with laxity, melodious public utterances or blemish comments for the purpose of achieving a political ambitions.

“We therefore implore the Zamfara State Government to as a matter of  responsibility to reorganize its security architecture, review its security resolutions  to properly secure  the  State and salvage it from the hands of the Bandits as people of the state are no longer interested in your lips services and untimely politicking of buying unpopular politicians with the state resources instead of concentrating on securing the state”. 

Liman said, the APC has expressed worries over the sad  news of the abduction of over 300 Students of Government Girls Junior Secondary School, Jangebe in Talata Mafara Local Government Area of the State, by unknown gunmen last Friday.

 “The APC described the abduction as barbaric, inhuman, condemnable and uncultured which is capable of plunging us  back to the dark stone age, where inhumanity took the center stage”.

 Liman said, “If not for sadism,  why should these innocent School Children, mostly underaged, be subjected to this kind of  an emotional, psychological and mental trauma?”
He described the act as mischievous, uncalled for and condemnable.

“APC is therefore in this trying moments joining the Government and People of Zamfara State, parents and guardians in mourning the unfortunate happening.

“We are calling  on the Government and security agencies to as a matter of responsibility ensure safe rescue of these innocent Students”.

 “While we averse  the act and condemned it in its totality, we urge the state populace and well wishers of Zamfara State to remain steadfast in prayers for their quick, safe rescue and their joyful re-union to their respective families”.

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