Tension still high in Zamfara as police deploy more security in Jangebe


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau,

Zamfara state police command has deployed additional reinforcement to Jangebe town, as tension was still high, following a clash between parents of the freed schoolgirls and the security agents.

There was a clash between the security agents and the parents of the girls in Jangebe town yesterday where one person was allegedly said to have died and others injured.

 The state government has already enforced a dust to dawn curfew to prevent further breach of peace’and security in the area.

Speaking to Analyzer news on phone, the spokesperson of the police command SP Mohammed Shehu said, “More security personnel, under the supervision of the Area Commander have been drafted to Jangebe town to ensure the restoration of peace in the area”.

Shehu further explained that’ “Adequate Security personnel are currently in the area to ensure compliance with the curfew”.

Meanwhile, a parent who spoke to Analyzer news on phone, Malam Musa Jangebe said, they were not happy with the delay by the state government to handle the children back to their parents after they were rescued.

“Most of us were annoyed with the state government for not reuniting us with our children in good time”.

 “We were told to come to Jangebe to collect our children and we have been in the school since morning but up to evening time, we could not even set our eyes on the children”.

“Considering the insecurity situation in the state, we told them to release our children so that we can go back to our respective villages in good time to avoid bandits attack, but nobody was ready to listen to us”.

“We were left with no option but to enter into the hall and take away our children before it’s night and that was what actually triggered the violence”.

Another parent, Alhaji Sama’ila said, goverment was playing with their intelligence and that was why they grew annoyed and resorted to violence.

“I was in Government House Gusau as early as six o’clock when the girls were taken there after they have been rescued and I asked if I could be allowed to go home with my daughter but they asked me to wait until they were taken to their school”.

“I rushed to their school in Jangebe where I waited for several hours and to my utmost dismay, the delegation that brought the girls kept them in a hall”.

“We told them that, time was going, we wanted to go home before it’s night but they still refused to release the girls, as such, we decided to go into the hall and our children”.

Sama’ila said “The security personnel wanted to chase us away but they could not do so because of our number, as such they shot in the air to disperse the crowd but nobody was moved by their actions”. 

A resident of Jangebe town who gave his name as Musa Garba said, they were not happy with the heavy presence of the security personnel who escorted the students and the delegation to the town as according to him, “We have never seen even ten security agents guarding the students before they were abducted”.

“Why should they come to the town now with large number of heavily armed Security personnel who would go back to Gusau immediately after this ceremony” 

“That was what made us unhappy and we decided to throw stones on them to express our anger”. Said Garba. 

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