Army officer, girlfriend arrested for allegedly supplying ammunitions, uniforms to bandits in Zamfara


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Zamfara state Government has announced that, an Army officer and his girlfriend were arrested for allegedly supplying ammunitions and uniforms to bandits.

Breifing newsmen in Government House Gusau today, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House Gusau, Dr. Bashir Muhammad Maru said, the Army officer and his girlfriend were arrested by his colleagues, the Military.

Maru said, “Another issue of topical importance is the recent arrest by the Military of an Army officer and his girlfriend who are engaged in assisting bandits with Military uniforms and ammunitions in active connivance with other saboteurs”.

“This arrest was only made possible through community driven intelligence”.
Maru declared that, the state government was waiting to see the action which the Military was going to take in respect of this issue.

He added that, Governor Matawalle has already declared that, there were bad eggs among the security personnel which made it impossible to end banditry.

“While the state Government awaits the action the Military will take on this matter and make an official statement, the development has further proved the position of Governor Bello Mohammed that unless the fight against banditry is cleansed of bad eggs and saboteurs, we may not record the desired success in the fight”.

“Let me use this medium to salute the courage and patriotism of the individual who came forward with information that led to the arrest of these traitors”.
“Finally, Zamfara State Government wishes to call on all media organizations to properly investigate and authenticate their facts before they rush to the press”.

Maru maintained that the security situation in the state was fragile and could not afford to deal with falsehood and fabrications.

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