Blasphemy: Arrest, Prosecute AbdulJabbar for Insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)—NGO

Engineer Sanusi Muhammad Usman ( 2nd to the right) and other members of the organization during the press conference

From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

An NGO called Joint Youths Islamic Organisations has called on the Kano state government to arrest one AbdulJabbar Sheikh Nasiru Kabara and arraign him to competent islamic Court for insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In a press conference, the chairman of the organization, Engineer Sanusi Muhammad Usman said, “AbdulJabbar should be charged for abusing and dishonouring the personality of our Noble Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) so that he would be convicted so that, it would be a lesson to people like him”.

It will serve as deterrent to others who thought that they can abuse the personality of the Noble Prophet and hide under political guise to get out acot free”.

Engineer Sanusi said, “The entire members of the Joint Youths Islamic Organisations has condemned entirety the rhetorics of AbdulJabbar for his blasphemous antics of abusing our Holy Prophet, his righteous companions and his household”.

“These cannot be tolerated not only in Kano or Nigeria but the entire Muslims world”.
Sanusi said, AbdulJabbar has to repent and apologize to the Muslim Umma and must also admit his ignorance of his rhetorics on the personality of the Prophet, his companions and his household.

The organization has however commended the actions taken by Kano state government under the leadership of Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and urged him to do more by taking AbdulJabbar to court for his blasphemous act.

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