Zamfara APGA chieftain urges EFCC to arrest, prosecute former Governor Yari for alleged looting of treasury

Dr. Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi

From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The APGA gubernatorial candidate in Zamfara state in the last 2019 elections, Dr. Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi  has called on the EFCC to arrest and investigate former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari for alleged looting of the state government’s treasury during his tenure.

Addressing journalists in his house, Dr. Shinkafi said, it was high time for the EFCC to investigate former Governor Yari and some members of his cabinet for the alleged looting of the state government’s funds during their tenure.

 Shinkafi said “I am calling on the present leadership of the EFCC under Abdurrashid Bawa to direct the Sokoto Zonal office to arraign those who have been found wanting for money laundering, abuse of office, stealing of public funds through fictitious contracts, and contract inflation where over N200 billion was stolen”. 

Shinkafi maintained that, more than three petitions were sent to the EFCC during the tenure of the former chairman of the commission, Ibrahim Magu in respect of the alleged stolen funds by former Governor Yari, but the issue was swept under the carpet.

“More than three Petitions were sent to EFCC in respect of former Governor Yari during Magu’s tenure and over 169 people were invited by the EFCC in Sokoto Zonal office and they have conducted all investigations but Magu deliberately directed the Zonal office not to arraign the suspect”.

“We are also calling on Mr President to direct immediate investigation and possible prosecution of former Governor Yari and anybody found wanting in stealing our money”. 

“This is what will bring peace, because, when you are fighting corruption, it will also fight back in all angles”.

He described the activitities of the former Governor and his cabinet as very alarming and disturbing, stressing that,  “these people have stolen our money and are now trying to cover their faces in shame”.

Shinkafi said the reason why the issue of insecurity was still going on in the state was because of the injustice of the former EFCC Boss, Magu to the people of the state. 

“Don’t be surprised that, these people who have stolen our money are trying to play diversionary tactics to divert the attention of the people of Zamfara state through fueling of this armed banditry so that we will forget about their shoddy deals”.

He stated that, “Just recently, a Federal High Court in Abuja issued a final judgement that some money from Zamfara state Government were forfeited. Yet this Former Governor is walking freely in the street”. 

“With this judgement, this man is supposed to go to prisons but because he is from APC, nobody is talking about it”. Said Shinkafi.

He stressed that people like Jolly Nyame, Dariye were still in prisons and wondered why should former Governor Yari be left to go freely.
 “This is the problem we are having in Nigeria”.

“I will make sure that I follow this judgement to the logical conclusion. I am going back to court to reinforce his arrest”. Concluded Shinkafi.

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