Jangebe Abduction:- Group tasks Shinkafi To prove his allegations on APC involvement or face prosecution


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

A group called ‘The APC National Rescue Mission’ has given a 78-hour ultimatum to the former governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), in Zamfara state, Dr. Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi to prove his allegations on the involvement of the APC members in the abduction of Jangebe Schoolgirls or face prosecution.

Addressing journalists in Gusau, the National President of the group, Alhaji Bello Bakyasuwa said’ “We equally demand that, Dr. Shinkafi, who is chairing the state’s Mining Committee to make his report public for the overall interest of the people of the state.

Alhaji Bello Bakyasuwa Maradun during the press conference in Gusau

“He should also tell Nigerians why is it that up to this moment the goverment of Matawalle has not acted on their defunct security committee which was chaired by the former IGP, MD Abubakar while he (Sani Shinkafi) was a frontline member”.

Bakyasuwa said, “When this is done, the people of the state and indeed Nigerians will truely have a clear understanding of who is who and the truth will set everyone free”.

Bakyasuwa further explained that, “We have no fear of anything, because we know why Dr. Shinkafi came out to talk. It is not for the interest of the people, it’s for his own interest”.

“His actions have clearly made a lot of things come to light. Why is he suddenly talking now? It is because, the presidency said no mining in Zamfara state and he is the chairman of the mining Committee, therefore he has to come out to protect his interest by blackmailing the APC into given the bandits N57 million not to release the students of GSS Jangebe?”.

According to Bakyasuwa, the Defence on mining by Shinkafi has further explained the fact that, kidnapping and banditry are infact related to mining which is being carried out illegally, while using Kidnapped victims to divert the attention of the authorities from understanding the real crime and people like Shinkafi who is chairing the committee on mining are in the best position to to provide answers not shifting blames on people simply because they are his opposition”.

Bakyasuwa stressed that from what he has seen, Dr. Shinkafi was just picking and choosing evidences to suit his preferred narrative. “Otherwise, why is he playing politics out of the human life?

He maintained that Dr. Shinkafi has failed to see the facts that people are angry because they are denied access to justice and their minds are increasingly becoming imbalance, which made the people to protest in Jangebe town.

Bakyasuwa finally warned that ”if after 78 hours, Dr. Shinkafi couldn’t prove his allegations, we will be forced to take a legal action and that, if no Investigation is established against the Speaker over his role in killing Jangebe residents we will equally take legal action”.

Dr. Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi

In his reaction, Dr. Abdullahi Shinkafi said he didn’t intend to react to Bakyasuwa’s allegations, considering their relationship but for put the records straight, he decided to open up.

Shinkafi said, “I don’t want to join issues with Bakyasuwa because of my personal relationship with him, but for clarification, I decided to make categorical statement in order to clarify issues he raised during his press conference”.

First of all, on the issue of my chairmanship as Taskforce Committee chairman on illegal mining in the state, for him to know that activities of the Government are based on procedures”.

The committee was only constituted by the State Government but the members are yet to be inaugurated and are also not given the terms of reference on how to go on with our assignment”.

Shinkafi however maintained that, he didn’t blame Bakyasuwa because he was an ex military man and is not conversant with administrative work.

“I don’t blame him , I know he is an ex army of a junior cadre under rank and file. So I don’t blame him”.

On the issue of the allegation of N57million, Dr. Shinkafi said  all what Bakyasuwa said is an empty threat.

He said, “All what he said is just an empty threat. I cannot be harassed or intimidated. The position of the law is very clear on what the word “allegation” means”.

“So I challenge him to find out the meaning of the word “allegation” in an Oxford English dictionary. He should also find out the literal meaning of the word”.

“If he understands the meaning, I can say that his warning is an empty threat. It will not hold water and it will not hold ground”.

“If he has gone into law of contract, there is what we call “offer and acceptance”. When you offered somebody something and he accepted it, it means there is binding agreement between the two of you”.

Shinkafi said, the agreement can be legal or illegal.

“Illegal agreement, by the position of the law has no any legal backing and whatever action is taken is null and void. If it’s a legal agreement and offer and acceptance have been reached, all the agreement entered into are also binding on both parties”.

What I am trying to say in a nutshell is that, the issue of N57 million offer to the bandits by Politicians was mentioned by the bandits themselves. They said some Politicians offered them N57 million not to release the students and they explained that, considering the offer of such huge amount, they realised that, the politicians wanted to pull down the peace process initiated by Governor Bello Matawalle so that the state will still be experiencing insecurity. Because it is glaringly clear that there are a lot of achievements in form of security compared to the past administration of Governor Abdul Aziz Yari. Based on that, the bandits rejected the money and they sent the message to the Governor that they were offered such amount”.

Shinkafi maintained that, the Governor himself has made similar allegation through Channel TV and Radio Germany.

He stressed that once there is an allegation, it’s subject to investigation by the security agents, adding that, “Bakyasuwa does not know that, the security have already commenced the investigation”.

Shinkafi wondered if any businessman can afford to pay the sum of N57 million to the bandits, adding that, “only desperate politicians who want to be in power at all cost can offer such amonut”.

He said, “The question here is that, can any businessman afford to offer bandits such amount to continue holding the innocent schoolgirls? What will be his benefit?”

Shinkafi said some Politicians who are desperately in need of power can offer that amount especially in APC.

He said, “There are do or die Politicians who have been in power for over 20 years and they are not ready to succumb to the will of God who has terminated their being in power in 2019”.

“They know how they left the state with an empty treasury because of the massive looting of Public funds. That is why they don’t want relinquish their power due to the fear of investigation and possible prosecution”.
He maintained that, some Politicians are not principled, calling on them to stop playing politics with security.

“We shall not play politics with security. Everybody knows that, Senator Kabiru Garba Marafa once made revelations on TV where he mentioned those responsible for aiding and abetting banditry in Zamfara state”.

“Everybody knows that, Kabiru Marafa gained popularity because he stood against Yari’s bad governance and his inability to fight insecurity during his tenure.

“I personally went to Marafa’s house to console with him over the death of his sister Killed by bandits and people suspected that, the former administration has a hand in the killing”.

Shinkafi drew the attention of Bello Bakyasuwa to bear in mind that he is from the same local government area with Governor Bello Matawalle. He was also appointed by the Governor as Director General, as such, it would have been better for him to remain grateful to Governor Matawalle than to embark on campaign of calumny against the person who assisted him. 

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