Civil Society Groups hail Govt Matawalle’s peace initiative, RUGA project


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The President of the groups, Comrade Ogakwu Dominic (Left) during the press conference at Karma hotel, Gusau

Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG) have commended Governor Bello Matawalle’s Peace initiative that has almost solved the problem of insecurity challenges in Zamfara state, calling on other Governors to emulate him.

Addressing a press conference in Gusau last Thursday, the President of the groups, Comrade Ogakwu Dominic said, when Governor Matawalle came to power, the state was almost torn apart due to high level of insecurity.

“When Matawalle came to power, the state was almost grounded due to high level of insecurity as a result of banditry, but with the introduction of peace initiative by the Governor, everybody can now see that, peace is now gradually returning to normal”.

He maintained that, if the peace initiative introduced by Governor Matawalle was done in other states, the issue of insecurity challenges would be squarely addressed.

He therefore called on other Governors in the country to emulate Governor Matawalle’s peace process in order to solve the insecurity problem so as to move the country forward.

Comrade Dominic also urged the Federal Government to give the Governor the maximum support to ensure that peace fully returned to the state.

According to him, nobody could do business if there was no peace in the land, as such, he appealed to all and sundry to support the peace initiative.

“People must support the peace process as it would be along way in solving a lot of things”.

He also commended the RUGA settlements being constructed by Governor Matawalle, saying that, “this is really a welcome development”.

He maintained that, the Federal Government has also wanted to build RUGA settlements across the country but had to abandon the idea due to the outcry of some people who didn’t mean well for the country.

“When the Federal Government pronounced its plan to introduce RUGA settlements, the entire country was thrown into chaos. A lot of interpretations were given to the initiative, but for us as civil society, we saw it as the best initiative”.

“We have severally defended the RUGA project. The Ruga project we have seen in Zamfara is a model of what we have in mind”.

We come to understand that through the RUGA project the issue of farmers-fulani clash will be resolved by the RUGA settlements”.

“I commended Governor Matawalle for the bull step for being courageous enough after after everybody rejected the idea. He was able to be firm enough to embark on it in the state”.

“That shows that, the Governor has foresight, and that is what leadership should look like. This is highly commendable”.

Comrade Dominic maintained that, as a result of the Governor’s bold steps in the RUGA project and his peace initiative, the people of the state 

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