Garba Gololo to youths: contribute to nation-building


From Sanusi Muhammad

An All Progressive Congress (APC) pillar in Gamawa Federal Constituency of Bauchi State, Hon. Muhammed Garba Gololo, has urged youths to wake up from slumber and day dreaming to take active part in the building project of a country they can always be proud of.

Gololo spoke during an interactive session with journalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on his way to Port Harcourt for an APC national assignment.

Hon Muhammed Garba Gololo, explaining a point during the interview

The politician, who spoke eloquently during the interaction, stressed that effective nation building starts when everyone contributes to community development no matter how little.

“For instance, in my four-year stint in the national assembly as representative of Gamawa federal constituency (2015-2019), I kick-started the first phase of a robust skills acquisition, training and capacity building for 200 selected youth across the federal constituency.

 I supported the initiative with 300 pieces of sewing machines, 150 motorcycles, over 30 designing and 70 pieces of grinding and over 170 irrigation water pumping machines as well as 50 hair dressing/salon equipments to position those beneficiaries for a start towards a bright economic future and self reliance.

“I must state the fact that youth in my constituency have been doing everything practically possible to at least create a difference with our support and leave their enviable foot prints in the sands of time which I remain proud as part of the effort”.

Gololo stated that such lofty ambition of the youth cannot be achieved if they continue to remain in their comfort zones, and he therefore admonished them to go into the field and make things happen for their good, the community and the larger society.

He said: “No government can provide white collar jobs for all the unemployed youths roaming the streets with credentials, so, we must develop entrepreneurial spirit to get the youths off the streets and self-empowered economically.

 Only then they shall be able to resist the temptation of being used by mean politicians as thugs for dirty jobs that adds to the insecurity situation bedeviling the country today”.

Gololo urged the youths to make positive use of their numerical strength and political prowess in enthroning good governance in 2023 at all levels if they want to truly change the narrative for a better future.

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