We welcome anybody wishing to join APC but he will surely lose his seat—– Senator Marafa


 From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

A Former Senator of Zamfara Central Zone, Alhaji Kabiru Garba Marafa said that, any PDP elected officer wishing to join APC is highly welcomed but he should know that he would surely lose his seat.

Senator Marafa who spoke to newsmen in an interview in Gusau said, “APC is not anybody’s property, you cannot prevent anybody from joining the party at anytime because the Constitution allows that to every Nigerian”. 

“I can join any political party of my choice regardless of whether the owners of the party permit me or not”. 

“However, there are consequences to every decision you make”.

“So we told the national headquarters of our great party that if they decide to impose anybody on isy, we are capable of depending ourselves”.

“We equally reminded them of one thing as Muslims what our religion teaches us is “love on to your brother what you love for yourself”.

“So we told them to explain to those who want to join our party of the consequences. Because they didn’t win election. We won the election”.

“The supreme Court said APC ought not to have participated in 2019 election. So in the eyes of the law, APC is not existing in Zamfara state and APC cannot hold any political office in Zamfara”.

“You cannot do that because the Supreme Court verdict said the party that came second should hold all the elective offices”.
“So if you are living the party that came second, you are automatically vacating your seat”.

“You have to leave the crown there as  you cannot join another party with that crown. That is the implication”. 

Marafa maintained that Zamfara APC was blessed by God that was why some people were trying to leave their party and join APC.
 “We see our party as blessed by God, we welcome anybody wishing to join us but he will surely lose his seat. So we welcome them if they are coming”. 

“But I advise them to go back and ask their lawyers and if anybody tries to impose anybody on us we are going back to supreme Court to give us the interpretation of the implication of this”. 

“Can somebody now come and say he is an APC Governor from Zamfara? It’s impossible because  the supreme Court said that APC votes are wasted votes”. So you cannot manufacture another votes and come to APC and say you are APC this or that”.

Marafa however maintained that, if they were ready to vacate their seats and become ordinary floor members of the APC, they were welcome”.

“So if they are ready to sacrifice their seats the way we sacrificed our own in 2019, I think they are most welcome”. Concluded Senator Marafa.

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