Islamic scholar charges Clerics to stop criticising themselves in public


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

An Islamic Scholar in Zamfara state, Malam Muhammad Bello Janbako has cautioned Islamic Clerics in the state against condemning one another, stressing that, it would not auger well for the Islamic religion.

Janbako, who spoke on Sunday at the end of this year’s Ramadan Tafsir at the Imam Malik Jumuat mosque Danba Housing Estate Gusau said, it was very unfortunate for the Islamic Clerics to engage in accusing or denting the image of one another in the name of Islamic religion.

Malam Muhammad Bello Janbako ( with mic) during the Tafsir

According to Janbako, the Clerics were bestowed with knowledge by the Almighty Allah, as such, they were supposed to lead by example.

“Our Islamic Clerics should remember that, it is the Almighty Allah that gave them the knowledge, as such, they should act according to the dictates of the religion”.

“They are not supposed to publicly be attacking one another simply because of misunderstanding between them”. 

Group of people during the Tafsir

He reminded them hat, the knowledge given to them by the Almighty Allah is a trust, adding that, they would be asked to account for it in the day hereafter.

“I am appealing to the Islamic scholar to fear God. They should remember that, the knowledge given to them by God is a trust. They should stop castigating one another”.

 “If they have any problem between themselves, they should know how to handle it amicably. But it’s not proper for them to come out openly and critise one another”.

Some of the participants of the Tafsir

Malam Janbako also urged the Islamic Clerics to always tell those in authority the truth for the progress of the society.

“Our Islamic Clerics are supposed to be telling the Government the truth whenever there is something wrong so that things could be corrected”. 

“They should not keep quiet and let things go the way they are not supposed to be”.

He also used the opportunity to call on those in authority to emulate the leadership qualities of Prophet Suleiman ( PBUH).

“I am appealing to our leaders to emulate Prophet Suleiman ( PBUH) by being fair and just to their subjects”. 

“They should remember that, one day they will not be in their positions,  as such, they should try as much as possible to discharge their duties with utmost justice”.

The Islamic scholar also  appealed to wealthy individuals in the society to assist the needy particularly on the issue of feeding, stressing that, it was a great investment in the world hereafter.

He finally advised the youths to be productive and stop being idle, adding that, no society could develop if its teeming youths are jobless.

Malam Janbako therefore charged the youths to try as much as possible to fend for themselves instead of being political thugs so that at the end of the day, they would help their parents.

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