We Have Records Of Your Financial Transactions, We Will Expose Them When Time Comes:- Yari Tells Matawalle


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Former Governor of Zamfara state, Alhaji Abdul Aziz Yari said, he has the records of all the financial mismanagement of Zamfara state government under the leadership of Governor Bello Matawalle, stressing that, he would expose everything when the time comes.

Yari who was addressing APC supporters who were in his house in Talata-Mafara for breaking of Ramadan fast said, he would not say anything now because it was not the time for politics.

“I don’t want to talk much on politics now because the time for politicking is yet to come, although it is around the corner”.

“I am assuring you that, when the time comes, we will say alot of things by the grace of God’.

“The reason why I will not talk on Zamfara politics now is that, I don’t see anything that warrants me to speak”.

 “But we are currently gathering data, taking a a stock of what is going on in the state”. We have seen what has so far been done and what is not done”.

“We are seeing what is coming to the state and we are also seeing what is going out”. Everything is in our hands”.

” So, we are going to speak on an appropriate when they cannot deny our claims”.

The former Governor called on APC supporters to use the Ramadan fast and pray for peace to return to the state, stressing that, “nothing will be achieved without peace”.

“What we are praying for now is peace to reign in the state. We shall use the remaining days in this Holy month of Ramadan to pray for peace to return to the state as well as in the country”. 

He also appealed to APC supporters to also pray for the progress of the party, commending them for their continued loyalty to him.

He thanked all those who have come from far and near to break their fast with him, assuring them  that, APC would reclaim its stolen mandate by the grace of God come 2023. 

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