140 people feared dead as boat capsizes in Kebbi


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau
About 140 people were feared dead as a result of boat mishap which occured in Ngaski local government area of Kebbi state.

It was reported that, the incident occurred around 9 o’clock in the morning of today.

The report further said, “The boat which was carrying over 160 people was coming from Lokon Minna in Niger state, going to Warra town in Kebbi state when it capsized and sank into the River Niger”.

Reports also indicated that, apart from the overloading, the boat was carrying bags of sand for gold miners.

The chairman of Ngaski local government area, Honourable Abdullahi Buhari Warra narrated that, the accident was fatal and pitiful.

“As I am speaking to you now, there are many people in the river who are yet to be rescued”.

“The accident occurred between nine to ten o’clock this morning and all the passengers on boat are in the river and there is no hope of getting them alive”.

“We have also learnt that there are eight people of the same family who are involved in the accident”.

“Infact, many people have died and nobody can precisely know their number”.

“We are only able to rescue only 22 people who have been rushed to the Warra General Hospital for medical attention”.

“We are also able to recover one corpse of an infant girl but the rest were drown in the river”.

The chairman explained that, the boat was overloaded, adding that, “It was supposed to carry only 80 people was carrying 160 including bags of sand”.

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