We are ready to pay tax (Jangali) if Govt re-demarcates grazing areas, cattle routes— Fulani community leader


A Fulani community leader in the Zamfara State, Alhaji Buba na Alhaji Cede Kuraje has called on the state government to consider the re-demarcation of all grazing areas and cattle routes in the state to allow cattle rearers to move freely without destroying farmers crops.

Alhaji Buba said that the Fulani are ready to pay tax (known as Jangali) if they could get back their cattle routes and grazing lands.

Alhaji Buba Na Alhaji Cede observed that almost all the grazing areas and cattle routes in the state were currently encroached by farmers, calling on the state government to intervene in order to avoid fulani-farmers clash.

According to him,  the fulani cattle rearers found it very difficult to rear their animals nowadays, as almost all the grazing areas and cattle routes were encroached by farmers. 

He recalled that in the 80s, there were cattle routes and grazing areas in all the nooks and crannies of the country, lamenting that, all these have now become history.

He also urged the state government to provide the Fulani with relevant drugs and vaccines for their animals as being practiced in the olden days even if it means the reintroduction of cattle tax known as “Jangali”.

He stated that, they were ever ready to pay for the tax if the government could provide them with cattle routes, grazing areas and vaccines for their animals, adding that, “it was the usual practice during the military era.

Alhaji Buba Kuraje maintained that, the Fulani cattle rearers are not demanding anything from the state government beside the grazing land and the cattle routes, calling on Governor Bello Matawalle to look into their problems.

He assured the state government of maximum support and cooperation from the Fulani community in the state and prayed for peaceful coexistence between the Fulani and farmers.

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