Stop meddling into APC affairs or I will expose you— Yari warns Yarima


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Former Governor of Zamfara state Alhaji Abdul Aziz Yari has warned Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima to stop meddling into the affairs of APC in the state or else he would expose him for public to understand his true picture.

Yari who addressed thousands of APC supporters on Saturday in continuation of his meeting with the party’s stakeholders in his resident in Talata-Mafara said “I expose more dirties of Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima for the public to understand clearly his true picture”.

Former Governor Yari, addressing his supporters in his resident at Talata-Mafara

Yari stated that Senator Yarima’s current political romance with APC was questionable because he did not wish the party well from the initial stage.

He therefore warned Yarima to mind his business and stop intruding to APC’s affairs, stressing that, he would be left with no option but to tell the whole world the type of person Yarima was.

Yari’s supporters who converged at his house in Talata-Mafara

Yari cautioned APC National leadership to be cautious about Yarima, explaining that “Yarima’s  main mission is to destroy the party through seek and hide game”.

” Our experience in the 2019 general elections was enough for the APC holders in Zamfara to know who Yarima is as he was the brain behind all the crisis that enveloped the party by creating hatred and acrimony amongst us”.

Some APC supporters listening to a speech by former Governor Yari in Talata-Mafara

Yari said when APC was formed Senator Yarima was playing double standard in between ANPP and PDP.

“Let me state that when we were forming APC, myself and other ACN, CPC and ANPP Governors, Sen. Yarima was viewed as a nonentity at that time”.

He wandered why should Senator Yarima intruded into the affairs of APC, the party he never voted for in 2015 general elections.

“Let me challenge him, (Yarima) to swear to God if he supported or voted President Muhammadu Buhari during the 2019 elections”.

“Why is he involving himself into the party he didn’t build or support its election”.

“I have a lot of revelations to tell the whole world about Yarima if he continues to play his tricky behavior in disuniting our party members and supporters”. Concluded Yari

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