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AIG Usman Nagogo was yesterday decorated by the Inspector General of Police, IGP Alkali Usman Baba and 23 other AIGs

 Before his  deserved Promotion, AIG Usman Nagogo was the Commissioner of Police in charge of IGP’s Project and Monitoring Unit FHQ, CP Zamfara State Police Command whose unalloyed capacity and commitment earned him the best Commissioner of Police in the country.

 His Professionalism and tireless determination assisted tremendously in the unprecedented returned of Peace not only in Zamfara State but in the entire north western part of the country. 

Usman Nagoggo (center) being decorated with the rank of AIG

This had lifted the image and Credibility of the Nigeria Police in the eyes of General Public both within and outside the country. He was equally the Commissioner of Police, FIB (Intelligence), Force Headquarters, Abuja. 

AIG Usman  Nagogo was enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force in 1990 as Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police.

Left is AIG Usman Nagoggo with friends after the decoration

After he passed out from the prestigious Police Academy, Kano, he was posted to Kwara Police Command where he had one year compulsory attachment and later served at different commands and formations.

He was the  O/C Homicide Section, O/C Anti-Robbery and Car theft, 2/1C CID and OC finance, Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Unguwar Rogo Police Division all in Sokoto.

AIG Usman Nagogo was born in Sifawa town in Bodinga Local Government of Sokoto and attended Ahmadu Bello Academy, Farfaru, Sokoto and graduated in 1982.

AIG Usman Nagogo psc holds Bachelor Degree in Education from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, in 1987 and Bachelor of Law in 1998 and attended Nigeria Law School, Bwari, Abuja in 2004.

AIG Nagogo has masters in International Humanitarian Law in 2010 from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto,

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