Zamfara Assembly examines Deputy Governor’s letter for appropriate action


   From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

The Zamfara State House of Assembly has directed its legal department to critically analyse the letter sent to it by the Deputy Governor Barrister Mahdi Aliyu Muhammad Gusau for the next line of action to be taken.

The Deputy Governor has sent a letter to the House where he explained his reason why he was not in the House after the 48 hours ultimatum.

In the said letter the Deputy Governor drew the attention of the Speaker of the house and by extension the entire House or Assembly of an  impending Court’s action instituted by himself  and his office to restrain the House from any impeachment process against him .

When the letter was read, Speaker Magarya allowed for the House to debate over it  and Hon Yusuf Alhassan Kanoma representing Maru North in the state House of Assembly faulted the content of the letter and the  Court order itself,  pointing out that at no time did the House ever discussed or deliberated on the move to impeach the Deputy Governor. 

He then described the letter sent to the House by the Deputy Governor and Court order as out of contest calling on the Speaker and his colleagues to direct the legal department of the House to critically analise both the letter and the said court order and advise the House appropriately. 

In his contribution,  the Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon Musa Bawa Musa Yankuzo said, “The matters of this nature should be referred to the legal department for professional advise before taking any decision. 

The Speaker, with the consent of the entire members, directed the legal department of the House to immediately swing into action and come up with an appropriate step to be taken against the Deputy Governor .

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