Zamfara Govt vows to deal with political, public office holders posting appointment letters on social media


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Zamfara State Government has warned political or public office holders to desist from posting appointment letters on social media or have themselves to blame.

In a statement, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of information, Barrister Sani Nassarawa said, the state  Government has noticed with dismay, the habit of posting and sharing government appointment letters on social media platforms by some political appointees. 

“Government noticed that such behaviour by those appointees is to express their joy and happiness over the appointments”.

 “Such an act is however contrary to public service rules and can no longer be tolerated”. 

“The State Government wants to make it categorically clear that henceforth, anybody found posting or sharing any government confidential records and documents/ information on on public,  particularly social media platforms, will be considered as someone violating the  public service rules that prohibit such act and will be decisively dealt with, accordingly”.

“The Government therefore advised and warned such appointees to desist from commiting such offence”.

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