Bakers threaten strike action if FG fails to intervene on hike in baking materials


The Bakers in Lagos State have once again called on the Federal Government to intervene on unnecessary and unjustifiable increase in the price of baking materials. 

The association of master bakers and caterer of Nigeria, Lagos State, kosofe and surulere branches, Mr Akintola Taiwo and Comrade Ibitoye Oladapo have on several occasions cried out to the Federal Government to intervene, in the increment of the baking materials.

The situation as however deteriorated, as price of baking materials had refused to reduce or maintain a fixed price.

According to Mr Akintola Taiwo and Comrade Ibitoye Oladapo, A bag of flour rose from N13000 to N19000. A bag of sugar also rose from N14000 to N22000 at the moment. 

Butter which was sold at N10,000 now rose to N14,000, Milk from N52,000 to N70,000, nylon 100kg rose from N180,000 to 100kg is N255,000,and also the prices of salt, yeast, vegetable oil have also increased drastically.     
The association on it own part refused to increase the price of any of its products because this would have a negative impact on the economy. 

The association however threatened that, it would have no other choice than to increase the price of bread anytime from now as the prices of baking materials refuse to come down.

“This is because many of our members are no longer making profit and are in huge debt, as a result of the continuous increase of baking materials”. 

The association had also on several occasions met with Millers to discuss and find solutions to the continuous increase in the price of flour, but the Millers on their part have been unyielding in finding lasting solutions to this problem.

Millers continued to shift the blame of continuous increment in foreign exchange on the incessant increment in the price of flour.

The association is of the option that Millers are comfortable with continuous increment that is the reason they are not finding a solution to the problem.

“In this wise, we solicit an immediate intervention of the Federal Government in solving all these problems which we believe will have a great impart on the common man”

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