Matawalle Accuses Politicians Of Fueling security Challenges


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state has accused some politicians of fueling the security challenges facing the North.

Matawalle made the accusation when he received the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Sokoto, Bebbi and Zamfara states, IGP Ali Aji Janga who paid him a courtesy visit in his office on Wednesday.

According to the Governor, some politicians were responsible for the security challenges facing the region and were always happy whenever there was a security breach, just for political gains.

“It is unfortunate that here in the North, some politicians are happy with what is happening because they think that, when people are being killed, they have the chance to come out and campaign to blackmail the sitting Governors, the President and other politicians”.

“They have forgotten that the issue of security is everybody’s business. Nobody should be blamed for the security breach but the entire society because everybody has an important role to play”.

“I have been saying times without number that, the issue of security is for all the citizens, not just for the security personnel or the government”.

Matawalle explained that he was doing his best on security but some people were always sabotaging him so that he did not succeed.

“I  have been working with the Police Commissioner on how to make people sleep with their two eyes closed but unfortunately some miscreants are still taking Law into their hands”.

He also accused the social media handlers who were being used by what he called the disgruntled politicians to be posting negatively on the security situation in the state in order to create tension and confusion.

He called on the Police Commissioner to arrest such social media handlers and bring them to book to serve as deterrent to others.

“I asked the CP to take serious majors because sometimes, these people will post an attack even before it happens and after it happens. How did they know this?.

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