Kidnap Victims Becoming Liabilities For Bandits In Zamfara—-Police


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau
The Zamfara state police command said that, the kidnapped victims are now becoming liabilities for the bandits and are being released unconditionally following an extensive search and rescue operations.

Briefing newsmen in Gusau

today, the spokesperson of the command SP Mohammed Shehu said, “the measures also assisted in no small measures towards denying the recalcitrant bandits access to food supply, fuel supply, indian hemp/other hard drugs supply and other assential services that are inevitable to their survival”.

He also stressed that, “payment of ransome to bandits by the relations of the kidnapped victims has now stopped due to the effective enforcement of the security measures where communication between the bandits and their informants became impossible”. 

Zamfara state police Public Relations officer SP Mohammed Shehu during the press conference

On the effect of the new security measures to communities in the urban areas, the Police Command has succeeded in curtailing the rampant cases of abduction, armed robbery, car snatching, Burglary and house breaking and other heinous crimes.

He added that the ongiong operation by police and other security agencies in the state stabilised  many villages and communities that were hitherto under threat and apprehension of the bandits.

“Criminal elements especially bandits are no longer finding it comfortable to operate, informants to the bandits are not having access to the bandits who relied so much on their information to commit dastardly act against the innocent people of the state”.  Shehu concluded.

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