Arewa Youth Back Referendum For Seccesionists, Insist NIgeria Better Together


While insisting in its strong resolve to see a prosperous and united NIgeria, the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has lent its voice to the use of referendum to test the popularity of agitations for seperation.

President of AYCF, Ambassador Yerima Shettima expressed this during an interaction with Kaduna based journalists at his office on Saturday November 6, 2021.

“We are of the view that a room for referendum should be created. Those agitating for secession should be allowed to have a referendum, let’s see how popular the agitations are.

“If any part of the country wants to go, organise referendum let’s see how popular they are, so that seperation can take place without bloodshed,” he advised.

He explained that he believes strongly in the oneness of NIgeria with mutually beneficial relationship for all the federating units.

“I am one of those who strongly believe in oneness of NIgeria. I have never said that Nigeria should disintegrate.

“Most of my close associates are Yorubas and Igbos. I schooled in Lagos State University,” he stressed.

He explained that they have gone to court to make case for constitional amendment to give room for conducting of referendum for people willing to leave the federation, but have been unsuccessful.

“The struggle continued even after Obasanjo came on board because he had some dictatorial tendencies.

“We came up with PRONACO because we faulted the 1999 constitution and insisted that the PRONACO Constitution should be adopted. That was when Obasanjo came up with the National Conference,” he added.

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