NCC- LIT, Out To Restore Hope For Nigeria Come 2023         


From Maiharaji Altine, Gusau

Deeply disturbed by the level of political ineptitude so far exhibited by the country’s political players, a political association known as  NIGERIA CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS ( NCC-LIGHT) has assured Nigerians that all hope is not lost as true progressive- minded nationalists have decided to rescue them from many years of hardships and frustrations.

In a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Malam Aminu Mohammed, the group said,  The atmosphere of despair and despondency that has enveloped Nigeria in the last 22years of democratic governance under the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, will soon come to an inglorious end, as patriotic Nigerians are determined to rescue the nation from their death grips.

According to NCC-LIGHT, a new vista of hope has begun to appear in the horizon with the birth of this platform which was  put together by new crop of Nigerians for the emancipation of our country from the shackles of reckless, irresponsible and clueless leaderships that have hijacked the nation and ran it around for almost 22 years with little dividend to show.

“For the NCC-LIT, and other patriotic Nigerians, Things cannot continue like this beyond 2023The sad story of leadership failures that have crippled our country is about to change for good, as the NCC- LIT, offers alternative governance model that takes the country back to the people in an all inclusive system of administrationSince independence, in 1960”.

 “Our nation has gone through various stages of tribulations  resulting in the current state of near total inertia in all aspects of our national lives”.

“The situation is now so pathetic and frightening, that many are won’t to describe Nigeria as a failed state, and in the company of Somalia, Libya and South Sudan that have been ripped apart by internal wars between ethnic and religious groups”.

“The Nigerian story today, under the ruling APC, is not salutary, given the near total collapse of the economy and security with  state actors holding the country hostage”.

“Right under our noses Nigerians watch as government gradually loses legitimacy and respect of the populace having failed to provide security and purposeful leadership in the face of these daunting challenges”.

“There’s hardly any sector in  our nation that is not suffering paralysis, be it Health, Education, Housing, Food and the worst of them all, Security, thus, living Nigerians to device means of survival, or, perish”.

“The Nigerian state has been overrun by banditry, kidnappings and sundry criminal elements, who operate at will without the slightest regards for the people, or, the government”.

“Today, bandits and kidnappers demand for ransom in the open in clear and direct challenge to the people and authority of the stateIn nearly every part of Nigeria, the ravaging effects of poverty are palpable,, as more and more people go hungry daily, unable to afford one square meal due to the cascading nature of our economy”.

“While things continue to degenerate, our country’s future under the ruling APC, is continuously being mortgaged to humongous loans from China”.

“The last time we checked, Nigeria under APC has borrowed close to 3trillion dollars from China while the total debt burden stood at N33 trillion side by side the grim picture of indebtedness is the growing unemployment rate of over 33% while the naira exchange rate is sailing close to a terrible level of N550 to the dollar”. 

“In all these, the APC under President Buhari has been running helter- skelter to secure more loans while our Foreign Reserve gets further weakened by the day”.

“At the rate that we are going, the ruling APC government will leave behind a legacy of high profile loans that generations to come may not be able to pay”.

“Nigeria cannot continue like this, which is why, the NCC-LIT, has come to offer hope and provide alternative governance template that will not only arrest the drift, but, accelerate economic transformation of our dear country within a reasonable period of time”.

“Our model of governance is citizen driven, where the people are directly involved with day to day administration from the local communities”.

“We intend to run a government that pays greater emphasis on what the people need, and not what some few individuals will sit down in the parliament and decide for the people without prior consultations”.

“All key sectors of the economy have been captured in a governance template that will promote inclusive participation among the key stakeholders in the country”.

“While Nigerians are battling with lack of social amenities like qualitative education, healthcare, good roads, constant supply of electricity among others, the Security situation in the country has worsened that even worship centres are no longer safe”. 

“There is no part of this country where peace is reining from the northeast where terrorists have taken over to the northwest zone which is daily battling to free itself from bandits while the southeast is engulfed with agitations likewise the southwest”.

“All these are accumulation of failures of the last 22 years of PDP/ APC misrule”.

“The NCC- LIGHT is therefore calling on all compatriots from all walks of life to join this journey of breaking away from the negative  political culture of voting in people to positions of authority based on their financial buoyancy and not their desire for service to humanity”. 

“We must end a political culture of blind favour, regional and ethno-religious  loyalties and build  a nation based on true democracy”.

“To this end, we call on all eligible voters to take advantage of the on- going voters registration exercise to register so as to be part of this 2023 political hurricane which is going to change the political history of Nigeria”.   

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