We urge Maize farmers to be self-relaint, says Bello Annur.


 From Hussaini Yero

 President of the National MAN Farmers Association, Alhaji Bello Unnur has expressed strong desire to see that Maize Farmers become self-reliant without borrowing from the government or the private sectors.

  The president made the remarks while addressing a news conference at his office in Abuja.

 “Maize farmers are one of the key players in ensuring food security in the country and abroad,” he said.

 “In the last four years, we have become more self-reliant as the government gave us credit facilities to improve our operations”, adding that, ” the debt we have been repaying in the past has helped us become more self-reliant.

 “We assure you that in this second phase of our administration, we will be working with the Government and the Companies, as crop producers who will help our Farmers to grow their crops and take advantage of them more easily.

 “Referring to the activities of the Association and its achievements during its first term, the President stated that the Association had about 120,000 members as at the beginning of his tenure,  “But now we have more than five million farmers across the country”, he announced.

Annur said  It is a big score for the association to note that this group now owns six houses in Abuja in Jabi each with two small ridges and a modern harvest tractor.

“We are proud of this victory that God has given us”, giving assurance that no other organization like ours owns the same assets” he said.

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