Zamfara communities deserted as bandits collect N15 million levy, asking for more money


From Maiharaji Altine Gusau

Six villages in Gusau local government area of Zamfara state have been deserted due to persistent attacks by bandits who allegedly collect levy from the villagers periodically.

The affected villages are; Karazau Dantsauni, Gidan-tsamiya, Gurgurawa, Kwalaye and Gudan-kaura. 

A resident of the area, Musa Sani who spoke to Analyzer news said, they have contributed N15 million levy enforced by the bandits and handed over the amount to them, but they were still insisting for additional amount.

“The bandits told us to give them N15 million so that they would not attack us again”.

“So, we sold some of our belongings including our farms and paid for the N15 million, but to our utmost dismay, they are still insisting that they need more money”.

“We informed the security agents about this sad development but nothing was done to prevent the bandits from taxing us”.

“We even staged a peaceful demonstration in order to draw the attention of the security agents to come to our rescue but unfortunately some of our people were arrested by the police”.

“So, we have to leave our villages and look for safe places because these heartless bandits can still come back to attack us”.

Sani maitained that, 35 people including women and children who refused to ran away from the area were kidnapped and taken to the bandits hideout.

He also said that more than 10 people have been Killed by the bandits in Karazau village alone, lamenting that, his younger brother All was among the victims who were Killed.

He called on the security agents to come to their rescue and Deploy Adequate Security personnel to remedy the situation.

Speaking to Analyzer news on the issue, the spokesperson of the state police command SP Mohammed Shehu said, although there was no official complaint with regards to enforcement of levy on the communities by the bandits, the police command has in the past one month deployed security personnel to secure the areas.

“Although we did not receive any complaints regarding the collection of levy by the bandits, the commissioner of police CP Ayuba N. Elkana has already deployed the police in collaboration with other security agents to continue patrolling the area”.

According to him, the security personnel have been drafted to the affected villages aa well as other places like Sabon gida, Danjibga, keta and even yankara border in katsina state”.

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