Minimum wage: Zamfara NLC Set To Embark On Indefinite Strike


From Maiharaji Altine,Gusau

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Zamfara State chapter will embark on strike on January 27 this year to demand for the full implementation of the new national minimum wage approved by the Federal Government.

This was made known by the state NLC chairman, Comerade Sani Halliru while speaking to Analyzer news.

Comrade Halliru said workers in the state would join the strike action approved by the national body of the union because Zamfara state was among the remaining states that were yet to implement the national minimum wage.

He said, “The Zamfara state chapter of the union has concluded arrangement to embark on strike action, following the inability of the state government to implement the new wage approved by the Federal Government several months ago”.

“We implored all avenues to make the state government pay the new minimum wage but up till now the government did not do anything to that regard”.

“We forwarded everything to the Governor including the table for the implementation of the new wage as requested by him, but nothing has been done yet”.

Halliru maintained that, he was part of the NLC’s  NEC meeting in Abuja where it was decided that, all the states that were yet to implement the new wage would face Labour unrest on January 27, this year.

“We in Zamfara state are ever ready to go for strike as requested by the national body of the union if the state government fails to implement the new minimum wage”. Concluded the NLC chairman.

Meanwhile, the National body of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said eight states were yet to implement the new wage.

The states acccording to the NLC are, Zamfara, Benue, Imo, Abia, Cross River Taraba and Kogi.

The union warned that there would be a labour unrest in these states if they refused to implement the minimum wage on or before January 27, this year.

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